Home-Start Japan

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Who we support

Home-Start supports any family where there is at least one child under the age of six.
We support families facing problems:
・Isolation – no family or friends to help you, feeling alone in your community
・Multiple births – twins, triplets or more
・Unfamiliar with living area or Japanese culture
・Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or unhappy or anything similar

How we support

Our support is free, confidential and non judgemental. A Home-Start volunteer will visit you in your own home, usually once a week, for a couple of hours. You decide what you will do together. They will help you with practical tasks, and emotional issues such as:
・Using local services or specialist support
・Getting involved with your local community
・Encouraging play and reading with your children
・Listening to your worries, concerns and hopes for your family
・Sharing their own experiences of parenting

※Volunteers are not nurse nor home helpers.
※Not all local schemes have English speaking organizers nor volunteers. Please contact with your local schemes to know how they can help you. (If available, E-mail would be better to communicate more smoothly.)
※Local scheme contact list : https://www.homestartjapan.org/local/

Support Flow

Call or E-mail to Home-Start Office in your town

Initial visit by HS Organizer to decide what to do together

Matching Volunteer & Introductory Visit with Organizer

Volunteer's visit (2 hours, once a week x 4-6 times)

Monitoring Visit by HS Organizer to review together(additional visits available, if needed.)